About Us


Bob and Shannon

We had seen glassblowing on television, but they always showed the end result and not very much of the process. We needed to see more and were fortunate enough to find a studio that would let us come and explore this.

Bob at the Campbell River Studio holding a tumbler

Bob McLeod

Bob started learning about glass in 2004, and has been playing ever since. Bob has been to Red Deer College’s Summer School for the Arts twice, once on a British Columbia Glass Art Association scholarship.

Shannon Proctor-McLeod

Shannon started playing with glass around 2006. Before that, she had attended art schools in Victoria and Vancouver, and has worked at the Campbell River Art Gallery as Acting-Curator, Programmer and Preparator.

Along the way we have had the privilege of working with several different glass artists, and have learned much from each of them.

Working out of our own studio, we revel in the immediacy of glass: once you start a piece, you have to finish it. There is no stopping for tea, or throwing a damp towel over it to resume another day. It needs doing now. A stray drop of sweat, an errant breeze, a moments inattention while reheating can lead to disastrous results, or floor models, as we call them.

The wall hangings really came together when Shannon became intrigued by the problem of hanging such delicate pieces. Through trial and error, we came up with the system we have now. While Bob makes the individual components, it is her eye and imagination that completes each wall hanging, as she spends hours working on the arrangements and engineering easy reassembly. The wall hangings truly are a collaborative effort.